October 31, 2011

Quite A Spook-tacle

Admit it.  You've heard it in the distance.  A low, grumbling that leaves you wondering, 'Did I just hear something?' as you quickly convince yourself noises like that don't exist or rather what makes a noise like that doesn't exist.

Let me tell you something.  You're wrong.  Here's proof.

Blue, one-eyed monsters really do exist.  They rumble.  They wrawr.  It's like the roar of an everyday common monster but ten times scarier.  They cause quite a stir among the guys hanging siding on the house going up next door, amid MN Landscape Arboretum Halloween Party goers and general passers by who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

They even ride bikes.

Amazing.  Completely amazing.

Happy Halloween to you and yours.  RAWR!