November 3, 2011

A Discovery

Michael was pleasantly surprised to discover a nature preserve just around the corner from our new house while out jogging the other day.  He's preparing for a Turkey Trot and as his training gets more intense, the route he takes for his workout changes and expands.  

Today, being one of those fall days that just begs for outdoor activities, Channing and I decided to venture out and do a little exploring and check it out.  With promises of throwing rocks in the lake, Channing quickly and cooperatively donned his jacket, hat and mittens.  In no time at all, we'd reached the park.  A bewildered Channing asked, 'Where in the whole wide world is the playground?'  I reminded him this was the rock throwing park which both pleased and placated him.  He jumped out of the stroller and scampered down the path, pausing now and again to ask, 'This way?'  

We took the boardwalk loop, crossed the parking lot and headed into the forest.  Mind you 'into the forest' involves balling your hands into fists, tucking them up close to your chin and shivering with delight and perhaps just a touch of fear as you say it.  It's very 'one with the shivers' for any of you who read The Spooky Old Tree.  

We ran into one person walking her dog who asked if we'd yet come across the waterfall.  What?  A waterfall in our new neighborhood?  No, we'd yet to discover that.  Sounds like the perfect adventure for yet another day.  

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