November 29, 2011

Pop On Over

A 'Hey!  I like your holiday lights!!' text turned invitation to pop over for a cup of cocoa brought Kelli & Megan across the street this afternoon.  Channing kept asking, 'Are they almost?' as I set out coffee cups both big and small awaiting the arrival of our friends and neighbors.

This is the 'take my picture while I'm waiting' post.  It exudes boredom, does it not?

Didn't notice until posting this photo that it's color coordinated in its layout.  Ha!

Kelli was too happy to wrap her hands around her steaming mug.  Channing and Megan were even happier with their VIP seating next to the Christmas tree.  Watching the two of them trying to get the whipped cream out of their mugs while sipping their chocolate was highly entertaining.  It may have involved a spill or two.  Neither of us mamas minded though.  It was a small price to pay for a couple of hours to catch up on all that life has offered up these past few weeks.  

'It was her opinion that true merriment required good hot chocolate...' 

How true.  How very, very true.

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