November 26, 2011

Sugar and...

Well more sugar, of course.  Channing & Anderson should have been weighed both before and after undertaking this little project.  I'd be curious as to which one ingested more candy.  Clearly, more of it ended up in their bellies than on this sweet little house.  Each time Channing was told not to eat another piece, he'd pop one in his mouth, quickly covering it with his hands.  Obviously, if his mouth is covered up, no one can see that he's been eating the candy.  Again.

Then, when those bellies were full and there was not a single smidgen of frosting left on the roof in which to stick just one more piece of candy, Auntie Kelly went for the only place she could find, the tips of two very cute little noses.  

Yep, a dollop of frosting and a piece of candy each and those two were just as decked out as the gingerbread house that now decorates Grandma Kathy's kitchen island.  

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