November 25, 2011

Turkey Day 5K

By 6:30 yesterday morning, we were out the door, on our way downtown to the annual Turkey Day 5K in Minneapolis.  15,000 people gathered to run off a few calories before sitting down to their holiday feast.  Sadly, running a 5K only earns you an extra 300 calories or just one more piece of pumpkin pie.  Or if you're WM, it earns you a whole lot of lovin' from your family when you cross that finish line.  Congrats on completing your first 5k!!

Refreshed and showered post-race, we gathered at Walt & Kathy's for our feast.  For several hours ahead of time, the kitchen was filled with the pre-meal din, a chorus of 'have you seen the...', 'can you hand me the...', 'hot pan, coming through' and the like as many, many hands peeled, chopped and stirred their way through countless recipes.  The turkey, left to roast in a corner all its own, literally fell apart as it was taken from the pan.  

And today...Today, my most favorite of seasons is upon us.  Christmastime.  It's finally here!  Channing's been running around yelling to WM, 'Happy Ho Ho Ho to you, Daddy!' for several weeks now.  Grandma Kathy's been busy teaching him all her favorite holiday tunes, you see.  WM's typical response is, 'But it's not even Thanksgiving yet!' 

Well, it's come and gone now.  Bring on the twinkling lights, and the holiday tunes and the piles of goodies and the general merriment.  Bring it on.  I know a great place to start:

Suddenly, WM & I realized the house was quiet.  Too quiet.  While we were
busy putting the tree together, Channing helped himself to a little snack and
hid in the cupboard to enjoy it.  

With 12 feet of towering, twinkling splendor!  Since choosing our floor plan, WM has insisted that our dining room must have a giant, giant Christmas tree in one corner.  It does.  It does indeed.  While it has yet to be decorated (Yes, I am still frantically sewing the stockings and the matching tree skirt.) , we intend to enjoy it just the same.

Tonight, we'll feast on round two of our turkey dinner under the glow of our glorious tree.  Believe me.  We'll enjoy every. last. bite.

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Nellie Dee said...

Oh hooray. I love the tree. I'm so glad we will be able to join you. I have had our tree decorated for a good month now. It's only 2- oh maybe 2 1/2 feet tall. :-) This will be a new experience and part of the down-sizing challenge.
Thanks for sharing.