November 20, 2011

Fall Into Winter

This is Channing, Friday, mid-day at Horseshoe.

This is Channing, Sunday, mid-day at Horseshoe.

Notice anything different?

Our beautiful, crisp fall weekend at the lake turned into a winter wonderland while we listened to the snow's soft whisper as it blanketed the trees.  

The Christmas City of the North Parade in Duluth on Friday night must have inspired Mother Nature.  Grandma Meredith & Papa Doug were kind enough to get there VERY early and save us a prime spot on the curb and next to the free hot cocoa and cookie stand.  With his front row seat, Channing was one very engaged parade watcher.  Bundled next to Anderson in the double stroller, he cheered and he clapped and he danced along with each and every float, band and dance troupe that passed by, begging to go back for more as we made our way back to the car.  Our toes had not yet begun to thaw under the warm blast of the heater, and he was already asking if we could to do it again tomorrow.

Channing refused to keep his mittens on.  They interfered with his clapping.
Saturday night, we celebrated November birthdays with cake.  No your eyes do not deceive you.  That cake is made of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Pretty clever isn't it?  Didn't matter what it was made of.  Channing took great delight in singing Happy Birthday yet again.

We squeezed every last drop of goodness out of our cabin weekend, starting Sunday morning with rolled up pancakes, frolicking in the snow and warming up once more gathered around the dining room table making snow people from tube socks.  

Channing had to cover his ears each time the blender roared to life while Kathy mixed the pancake batter.

Yes.  That is a hill.  It is slight.  But it is still a hill.

Then it was over the river, through the woods and back to the likes of laundry piles, sidewalks to shovel and the new work week to ready ourselves for.  And hopefully another dusting of  

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