November 15, 2011


Coming up with a short list for the above photo wasn't easy.  This proud mama could go on and on and on.  You get the gist of it though.  Channing's now three and he's darn cute to boot.  

We've been busy celebrating in all sorts of ways.  Last week was filled with party prep.  Channing's furry, blue Halloween costume inspired his monster themed birthday party.  Well, the costume and the fact that he likes to 'rawr' you and give monster kisses.  You know, kisses that start with a sweet little pucker and end in an ear splitting growl.  They're the best.  Believe me.

We worked through making both a monster cake and cake pops with only one minor oops.  It was very minor.  Channing's reaction?  'Holy moly cow!  That eye ball spwatted!'  Grandma tried to get him to eat the mistake.  That's what bakers do, right?  He refused.  It was funny.  Very funny.  
Channing didn't have any fun at all helping Grandma Meredith and Grandma Kathy make
cake pops.  Nope.  Not one bit of fun.  

This cake was a labor of love with many, many hands in the mix.  Channing made the frosting.
Cassie helped me put it together and give it that furry look we were hoping for.  Michael took
care of the finishing touches.  Et voila!  A hairy, monster cake for all to enjoy.
So was the way Channing sang Happy Birthday just as loudly as everyone else and how he screamed with delight each and every time he opened a gift.  This mama's cheeks ached from smiling by the time the last guest said their goodbyes and headed for home.  

They're still aching after a morning spent at the Mall of America watching one delighted little boy run from ride to ride, laughing all the way.  Channing's birthday request for today was to ride the roller coaster, to get a pretzel and a lemonade and then to have ice cream.  That Super Hero flavored ice cream was grosser than gross, but the birthday boy enjoyed it right to the very end.  

Here's to you and your third year, Big Guy.  This one says it all.  


Kami said...

Holly--this looks sooooo GREAT! LOVE the decorations, LOVE the cake, LOVE the photos!

Nellie Dee said...

Wow. I am speechless. You had me amazed with the very first picture and words.