January 24, 2012

Red Umbrella-A Leap of Faith

Yesterday, we found ourselves at MN Oncology meeting with Dr. Gesme, my oncologist.  WM literally drove all night (from NM to MN) with Aunt Kris to be at the appointment with me.  In one hand, I had a list of questions from Angie (what a blessing to have a pediatrician who dabbles in oncology for a friend), and in the other hand, an equally long list of concerns of our own.

He patiently and thoroughly addressed each one as I flung them about in rapid fire.  Diet.  Secondary cancer for the baby.  Delaying my treatment to the second trimester.  He didn't bat an eye when he suggested one chemo cocktail and I asked why not another.  

Questions answered, we now have a plan.  Chemo begins March 30.  It will be a full day.  There's 'chemo class' to start with, detailing the ins and outs of chemotherapy including a tour of the chemo lounge as I am choosing to call it.  Makes it sound nice and swanky, doesn't it?  Are you thinking leather club chairs and fancy cocktails paired with bites that seem almost too artful to eat?  Yes, almost.  After class, I have my initial labs, a quick meeting with Dr. Gesme for any last minute questions and then it's time for my first infusion.  In total, it should take about three hours.  Thankfully, the schedule worked to allow WM to go with me.  It is his intention to go to all of my treatments.  Have I told you how lucky I am to have him by my side through all of this?  Truly, I am blessed.  

If I am fortunate enough to have good blood counts and no delays due to colds or illness, my last infusion will come 15 weeks after my first.  I will then be 31 weeks pregnant.  I like that I have wiggle room.  If there are delays, there is still plenty of time for my body to rebuild itself before Baby arrives provided he/she doesn't make an unexpected and early appearance.

So there you have it.  The plan.  

I'm glad I have my trusty red umbrella to hold onto.  It's quite the leap of faith allowing someone to pour what is in essence poison into your pregnant body.  Hopefully, this umbrella of mine will have a Marry Poppins effect.  Once I leap, I'll find myself floating down gracefully, bag in hand, as I have places to go and plenty of things to do.

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