January 24, 2012

Seamingly Good Ideas (Pun Intended)

Weeks ago, we gathered for our monthly sewing club event.  Yes, it is an event.  There is laughter and lunch and the little ones play so well together now and, of course, we all come away with something lovely that we've stitched together in the matter of a few short hours.  

This month, Kelli wowed us all with both the pillowcase project she selected for us to do and the lunch she provided.  I never did get the official name of the soup, but it was taco-y and delicious.  Everyone begged for the recipe.  Yum-o!

The pillowcases are just darling and have been a lot of fun.  

Yes, fun.  Megan and Channing crawled into their pillowcases for a bit of merriment as sewing club wrapped up.  Channing continues to use his as a sleeping bag for both his dolls and for himself.  

That cheesy grin while he's 'sleeping' cracks me up!

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