February 6, 2012

365 Project-Week 5

On Tuesday, I returned from an afternoon out and was immediately faced with the question, 'Were you chillin' with your ladies, Mom?'  What?!  I about died laughing.  The answer to that question was yes.  Apparently, Channing and Grandma Kathy had been dancing to the Black Eyed Peas in my absence and he'd picked up on the lyrics.  Seriously funny.  

These ladies that I happened to be chillin' with are amazing.  I met Leanne through Piper Breast Center.  The care coordinator there helped make the introduction.  She's ahead of me in this journey called cancer.  At 19 weeks gestation she received her diagnosis and found herself faced with chemo while pregnant.  Except for the typical challenges faced by a wee one born at 32 weeks-learning to maintain body temperature and catching on to that whole eating thing-Leo's a healthy, happy little guy.  Absolutely adorable too.  He's thought to go home any day now.  Leanne has completed the first of her chemo, but is still in the midst of her treatments, including more chemo and/or radiation as well as surgery.  

Amber and Leanne met at chemo in December.  She's a veteran when it comes to surgery and the likes of chemo having just one more stage of surgery to complete, being done with chemo altogether and being part of the way done with radiation.  Her youngest was just four months old when she received her diagnosis.  While she wasn't pregnant and undergoing chemo, we do have another common bond.  Amber and I, well, we both have bitty angels watching over us.  

These women are now my go-to gals, my inspiration and as Channing calls them, my ladies.  We chatted through the better part of three hours on Tuesday afternoon, each sharing our story in turn offering up invaluable insight and advise, the kind that only comes from someone who has walked in your shoes.  I am blessed.  I am thankful.  I am humbled.  I am more determined than ever to fight this thing.

That's us, right there in the middle of this week's 365 Project collage.  They both groaned when I asked to take the picture.  I hesitated at first, growing more bold as empty cups and discarded napkins were gathered.  'Can I take your picture?' I finally blurted as they rose from the table.  They agreed, but only if I posed with them.  I set up the shot and the barista was kind enough to snap the shutter.  Click.

1.  Channing was playing banker with WM.  Love his double fist full of cash money.  2 & 3.  I started a new photography class this week.  Flash of Brilliance.  Yes, I am finally learning how to use an external flash in hopes
of improving my skill and presenting fewer 'noisy' photos to all of you.  4.  Amber.  Me.  Leanne.  Caribou in Eden Prairie.  No, not the one in the mall.  The one next to Office Max.  Right ladies?  LOL  5.  Bowling at Maxine's house.  Channing preferred setting the pins in a row rather than the traditional triangle.  6.  Kathy helped satisfy my sweet tooth by making sugar free rugelach on Saturday afternoon.  YUM!  7.  We had a Channing night that consisted of cheeseburger sandwiches and a round of mini golf.  This monstrosity was WM's double California burger from the Lion's Tap in Eden Prairie.  Double YUM!


Melissa said...

What a blessing to have people in your life who you can relate to. So glad you made those connections! I can't begin to imagine how important the support you give to and get from "your ladies" will be :) I sure hope I have the pleasure of meeting them one day.

Nellie Dee said...

I am so glad to read this too. I'm glad you have "your ladies" to be chillin' with or in my own words 'to encourage you to fight'!
Hugs and loving. I hear there are bracelets. I can't wait to wear mine.