February 13, 2012

365 Project Week 6

1.  Such a blessing to have friends who know me too well.  Loving this pinwheel fabric.  Thanks, Auntie M.
2.  Supervisor Channing 'helping' Auntie Jenn feed Baby Kinsey.  This time next year, he'll be doing the same
with his own brother or sister.  3.  Speaking of that new sibling, Channing carries around a rolled up hand towel
and loves it up, pretending it's his new baby.  4.  Long winter shadows on an unseasonably warm day.  We biked
for well over an hour without a hat or mittens...in February...in MN.  Amazing!  5.  Picking paint colors at
Manic Ceramic.  Once his piece is fired, you'll be seeing more of Channing's artful experience and his creation.
6.  Lending a helping hand to Dexter.  Big cousins pouring cereal for little cousins during our family gathering
this past weekend.  7.  Splash!  

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