February 29, 2012

Hot Hot

Hot chocolate. 

OK.  Read that again.  The title and that first line.  This time, read it in the syncopated rhythm of the hot chocolate song from Polar Express.  Are you singing?  And dancing?

Contrary to popular belief, my camera has not turned into another appendage.  Thus, it does not go everywhere with me.  When Channing finally relaxed on his back into the water at swimming last Tuesday, a gentle flutter kick propelling him along, I was not prepared.  His swimming instructor subtly removed her hands from beneath his shoulders, stepped aside and that little guy...Well, he kept right on going.  All by his big-guy self.  

You must mentally conjure up two photos here:  1.  A blue-lipped Channing squealing in excitement when he discovered he actually swam by himself.  2.  Me, beaming with motherly pride.  

It was cause for celebration-a celebration of the warming up sort.  Poor Channing, even after a hot shower, was still shivery.  We made a bee-line for the nearest Starbucks, one with a drive-thru, ordering a hot chocolate and tiny, chocolate frosted chocolate donut for Channing and a latte for myself.  

At home, we pulled stools up to the kitchen counter.  Channing looked at me, all serious, and said, 'So...' as if he were about to start the most serious of conversations.  Ever.  It was all I could do to keep from laughing.  

We sipped.  He nibbled.  A toast was raised to little boys who can now swim on their back.  And, as the last bite of donut disappeared, Channing declared, 'Mom!  I'm not shivery anymore!!'


KF said...

Cute shirt Channing! :-)

Melissa said...

Congrats to Channing! That a boy :)