February 28, 2012

365 Project Weeks 7 & 8

So here you have it.  Two weeks worth of 365 Project pictures.  I opted for 'real' posts last week rather than falling back on the week in photos crutch that the project provides.  

1.  WC practiced his 'mom' look while wearing my glasses.  2.  Felt flowers on my yarn wreath.  3.  The extra
fancy Valentine's Day cookie WC insisted I photograph before he devoured it.  4.  Sticker-faced Channing
courtesy of Aunt Betty and the holiday card she sent to him.  5.  A hint of spring WM bestowed upon me.
6.  WC likes to wrap his arms and legs around and between the railings on the upper level and then call out for
help under the premise of being 'stuck.'  Silly boy.  7.  Tossing the football with WM on an unseasonably warm
Sunday afternoon.
1.  The Great Bike Race with Super Megan in the lead.  2.  One of our few opportunities this winter to play in the snow.  By afternoon, the yard was already bare.  3.  Channing on the prowl.  4.  WM leisurely reading at our weekend escape to Walker, MN.  5.  Despite his near perfect form, WM was not able to overcome my far superior bowling skills.  6.  Taking time for a mid-winter toe spruce up.  WM & I enjoyed pedicures this past weekend too.  Ahhh...  7.  We
FINALLY found a dining room clock we agreed on.  FINALLY.  


Melissa said...

Love the clock!

Lynnea said...

Wow! Channing has the Mom look DOWN!!

Great clock too!