February 22, 2012

Fess Up

OK now.  Fess up.  Was it you?  Or you?  Perhaps it was you?!

This delightfully inspiring print arrived on my doorstep earlier this week all the way from Australia per the customs form and the return address.  Or should I say mysteriously appeared?  With no enclosure, I have absolutely no idea who sent it.

Please.  Fess up.  I'd like to send you a proper thank you.


Melissa said...

How cool! Mail from Australia?! I got a postcard from Australia. Love this sign. Your home is turning into a haven of inspiration. Just one more reminder that YOU CAN DO THIS. Love ya.

Erin said...

A little birdy remembered you mentioning how much you liked this and decided this was a good time to send it your way. Enjoy! Love you!