February 21, 2012

Spickle Me

Did I mention my hot date last Tuesday evening?  We dined on only the finest of organic mac-n-cheese before making a hugenormous (his word, not mine) bowl of air popped popcorn and settling in to watch Spickle Me (Despicable Me).  

Channing loves his popcorn with a capital L-O-V-E.  For him, there is just as much pleasure in the making as in the eating.  I'm lucky he shares.  When it came time to divvy it up, I was allotted a cereal bowl.  Channing?  Well, he had himself an entire mixing bowl and he ate every last kernel.  Not kidding.

The movie held him in rapt attention until 15 minutes before the end.  For the first time in over an hour, his little voice piped up from the darkness.  'Mommy?'  Pause.  'Mommy, can I come get cozy with you on the couch?', he asked as he slid up and under the quilt to settle in next to me.  One little arm snaked out from under the covers and wrapped itself around my neck, a little hand pausing at my cheek just long enough for a gentle pat.

'I love you, Babe,' he declared before returning his attention to the movie.  

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Melissa said...

I LOVE that movie...and popcorn! That's quite a little man you have there...but I don't need to tell you that;)