March 6, 2012

365 Project-Week 9

1.  An un-welcome and un-wanted house guest.  Miss Spider was promptly escorted outside.  EEEWWW!  2.  This pile of sewing pins has taken up permanent residence on our dining room table.  OK as it means projects are underway and more done than not.  3.  Channing found a table of projects and goodies awaiting him at Horseshoe courtesy of Grandma Kathy.  4.  Loving the bright colors of fresh produce these days, a beautiful contrast to our grey snowy days at the cabin.  5.  The S.S. Channing making it's way across Carlton Pond (the hot tub).  6.  Snow topped trees that greeted us on Sunday morning.  Yes, it was still snowing.  7.  Channing rode the speed slides at Edinborough Park in Edina at least 25 times during our play date with Collin, Kiera & Mary last Monday.  When told it was time to go, he begged to go down 'just five more' times.  

This precious picture deserves to be part of the collage above.  It just didn't fit in one of those little squares.  Meet Leo.  Channing couldn't get enough of him when he visited with his mom, Leanne, last week.  You can see he was pleased as punch when Leanne asked if he wanted to hold Baby Leo.  Sweet boys.


Melissa said...

Look how sweet Channing is snuggling that little guy. He is a great big brother-I need not be surprised.

Melissa said...

Forgot to post two things:
1. EWWWWW about the spider picture.
2. I love that slide at Edinburough! He has such great taste.