March 7, 2012

Belly Up

Well, we did it.  We joined the juice revolution.  After listening to Kelly rave about how healthy she and her family feel since they started juicing on a regular basis, and after a little research into juicer options, we bought one for ourselves.  I'm supposed to be clearing a space in one of the cupboards to store it.  After a week-and-a-half, I haven't.  The juicer has become a permanent fixture on our island.  

Our day now starts with fresh squeezed juice.  Every day.  8:30 am and the Flynns are belly up to the juice bar.  We even took the juicer to the cabin.  Yep.  It travels well.  Not once did it ask, 'Are we almost there yet?' or whine for a candy bar when we stopped at a gas station for a potty break.

We're all starting to find our favorites.  Channing?  Well, his is hands down watermelon.  Although, I did have a bit of trouble wrestling the watermelon away from him to actually put it in the juicer.  I learned the hard way not to turn my back on Channing and a quarter watermelon when putting away the rest of the groceries.  This is what happens:

How can a mama be mad though?  He's incredibly helpful when it comes to loading fruit into the juicer and squishing it through the grinder.  Incredibly helpful.  

I don't think Channing would have shared.  Not with anyone.  He's in watermelon juice love.  

BIG love.  


Nellie Dee said...

Oh Holly. He is so precious. In case you didn't know, your Uncle John juices every morning too.:-)

Melissa said...

My dad has made some delicious juices when I have been there...yum! Looks good! I'll take what Channing is having ;)