March 29, 2012

365 Project-Weeks 10, 11 & 12

The to do list is long.  My remaining energy is less than that required to complete each and every task.  If I could, I'd ignore the pile of laundry on the dresser and the comparable one on the living room sofa.  I'd skip this blog post yet again and crawl into bed, exhausted.  Yes, I'm exhausted.

The week has been filled with all of the things I 'needed' to get done pre-chemo.  I feel like I'm nesting.  While Baby Flynn is cooking right along, it's too early for that.  I'm looking forward to those days though, pulling out a bin of newborn clothes to ooh and aah over their tiny sizes and go through all of the 'remember when...'

For now though, I'll share with you the last three weeks of 365 photos, then, at least for me, there will be a crazy, last-minute sprint through the house, and I will finally heed the call of my pillow.  

Walt asked if I'd be able to sleep tonight.  Yes,  I will sleep soundly on my Chemo Eve.  I'm ready for tomorrow to come, to begin this battle in earnest.  Yes, I am ready.  

1.  Shamrock cupcakes made by Channing for Kelli, Jim & Megan.  2.  My favorite two-headed monster EVER.  3.  Sadly, he's already figured out that going potty is much more fun with some sort of electronic game device.  4.  Pre-FL trip, we went to Motherhood Maternity to get a couple of shirts for me.  WC just had to try on the pregnancy belly.
5.  Swimming like a fish shark in the ocean.  6.  Waiting with Mr. Bunny to board the airplane.  7.  Having 'coffee' with marshmallows.  Five marshmallows just like Rio.  
1.  Monkey See and Monkey Do hanging around in a tree.  2.  Little cousins actually sharing the iPad for a change.
3.  A perfect latte a la WM.  4.  My birthday shoes.  5.  The new kicks that carried me through WDW.  6.  WM found a sea urchin at the Siesta Key beach.  We took a photo or two and returned it to its home.  7.  Within 10 minutes of being home from FL, this was the state of the dining room floor.  Channing was happy to be reunited with his toys.  Very happy.

1.  Channing's post-swimming lessons Rice Krispie treat at Caribou Coffee.  He tried to eat only the marshmallows.  Needless to say, there was a lot of treat left over.  2.  Pancake breakfast on our first day home from vacation.  3.  Channing insisted on roast chicken dinner.  It was mighty tasty.  4.  Fresh orange, apple & carrot juice with an applesauce muffin.  The juice was great.  The muffin recipe needs a little fixing.  5.  Learning to adjust the valves on the steam engine at the train museum in Duluth.  6.  A preview of our birthday quilt.  Kathy's nearly done.  7.  Despite the chilly temps and wind, Channing insisted on a picnic dinner Sunday night.  He ate his sandwich sitting on the front porch. 

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Leanne said...

Each pic of Channing makes me want to just smother him with snuggles! He is simply the cutest big boy we know!