March 26, 2012

The Groove

Last week, the focus was on getting back into the groove.  The kitchen, absent in our week of vacation, called to us again and again.  Monday morning brought pancake making.  Later in the week, we made applesauce muffins (sans sugar).  There were watermelon popsicles to try patiently waiting for, and WC requested roast chicken one night for dinner.  It felt good to stretch our culinary wings once again.  

The out of doors called to us, not the sandy beaches and the palms of the south, but the sidewalks and not yet green yard of home.  There were bike rides, the kind with feet up-no brakes and chalk drawings on the driveway.  We savored each moment, perhaps a little more knowing what the following would bring.  

Just when we settled into our routine, we interrupted it for a trip north.  The weekend was spent at Grandma & Papa's in Duluth.  The bonus:  Cousin Andrew & a trip to the train museum.  

The photos from that morning are terrible.  The two boys were blurs as they raced from one car to the next, exclaiming in their excitement all the way.  It was lovely, their exuberance.  We all reveled in it.  

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