April 7, 2012

365 Project-Week 13 & A Wee Little Update

Surely, I should wait until tomorrow to be writing this post.  I could combine weeks 13 & 14 into one newsy notation.  Somewhere between discovering the Easter Bunny has hidden his precious eggs all over the house and falling into a sugar induced coma, Channing will rest & opportunity will present itself to sit down with the computer for a little Me Time.  However, it bugs me that a 365 collage has been waiting in the wings all week.  It's crying from its desktop folder, 'Let me out!'

It's been a good week.  A surprisingly good week.  I had prepared myself for the worst.  Mom was here all week.  Dad was here off and on.  Yep.  Two extra sets of hands to help with meals and dishes and errands and entertaining Channing, or rather being entertained by Channing as the case always is.  

Amber & Leanne stopped in with lunch on Wednesday, their words of wisdom and kindness, settling on my already content heart.  I felt guilty answering their question of, 'How are you feeling?' with a loud and resounding 'GREAT!'  No, seriously.  

Truth be told, my nights are very restless & I nap for two hours every single afternoon.  But, the nausea I was promised has yet to arrive.  My appetite is healthy.  But, black olives no longer taste like they used to.  I actually asked my mom to eat a few out of a newly opened can to ensure they hadn't turned before putting them on Channing's lunchtime pizza.  They hadn't.  It's just me.  My labs on Thursday were better than expected with my white blood cell count still in the normal range.  But, my hemoglobin is lower than its already too low starting point.  You see it?  Some good.  Some not so good.  It feels balanced though.  Perfectly.  

I'm not delusional.  I know the bad days are there, off in the distance. The side effects of chemo will eventually show in more obvious ways.  I'm OK with that.  It's part of the process.  For now, I'm savoring this, these good days post-round-one.  

1.  My 5x10s all stacked and ready to be stitched together in the mad dash to make my chemo quilt.  I still cannot quite believe how beautifully it came out given how quickly we threw it together.  2.  The excitement of WM's return home after a long day at the office never, ever lessens.  Here, WC jumps fearlessly into the safety of Daddy's outstretched arms.  3.  A sanitizing station now greets all visitors as they come through our front door.  Although, unlike the clinics and the hospitals, our visitors are offered their choice of tasty scents rather than just the plain, boring stuff.  4.  Channing & I tried making cookies with carob & agave nectar.  I shuddered as I typed those words.  Yes, they were that disgusting.  Eeeww!!  5.  I know.  This one's a repeat, but chemo did happen this week so I had to put it in yet again.  6.  Rarely, do I get to capture a sleeping Channing on 'film'.  He was feeling under the weather & sleeping on the couch making it easy to snap this shot.  7.  Pussy willows from Mom & Dad.  What a lovely & sure sign of spring.

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Melissa said...

So glad you are feeling well. Love the pic of Channing jumping-I couldn't even tell WM was standing there :) So sweet!