April 10, 2012

Home Improvements

It's spring.  Have you decided to tackle a home improvement project or two?  We did.  Well, Channing did. 

He needed a pool.  NOW.  No, he could not wait a few more months for outdoor temperatures to accommodate summertime activities.  

While said pool is truly made of my chemo quilt, blue side up, and the argyle quilt Kathy made WM & I for our birthday spread out on the living room floor and has a folded beach towel diving board, to Channing it is the ultimate in hotel luxury right at home.  Sometimes, we're at the condo in Florida.  Other times, we're up on our own roof basking in the sunshine.  Yes, my darling son has a very vivid imagination.

No joke.  We spend HOURS each week playing 'hotel pool'.  Channing always wears his swim trunks and rash guard.  Some guests are even provided with poolside refreshments.

While Sophie the Doll sometimes finds the water to be too cool and prefers to stay wrapped in a towel with only her toes in the water, Grandma is game for jumping two-at-a-time off the diving board and into the deep end.  

Post-dinner pool time calls.  I've been advised we need to jump on in.  I sure hope the water's warm tonight.  

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