April 11, 2012

Compatibility Issues

It's embarrassing.  I'm close to a month behind in my personal correspondence.  The list of thank you notes needing to be written grows increasingly longer each day.  With Channing contentedly racing his cars across the dining room floor, I thought I'd make a dent in it.  

Pulling open the drawer where I was certain the boxed note cards were stashed, I found three things:  1.  the Entertainment book  2.  a cell phone charger that no longer works  3.  a self-adhesive mustache.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A self-adhesive mustache.  (Not the note cards I was looking for, I might add.)

As fast as the backing was peeled off, that mustache was stuck to Channing's upper lip.  He laughed.  It tickled.  

With no knowledge of the inner workings of a three-year-old brain/imagination, I do not know what possessed Channing to then grab a pear off of the kitchen counter and begin eating it.  Hilarity ensued.  

You see, wearing self-adhesive mustaches and eating pears are two activities which are not compatible.  The mustache, it seems, prefers the freckled, yellow flesh of a pear to that of a small boy.  

Told ya!

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