April 29, 2012

365 Project-Week 14 thru Week 17

Yikes!  Did that really just happen?  A whole month has passed since I last published a 365 Project post?  Where or where did the time go?  I shouldn't even ask that question.  You'll soon see.  We were caught up in Easter and wee visitors and outdoor play time and park dates with Grandma Meredith and a minor kitchen mishap and...and...and...It's no wonder a month has passed since photos were slid into place amid blank squares in collage templates and the publish button was pressed.  

1.  Channing paused for a rest on the stairs after showing us exactly how the Easter Bunny would deliver goodies come Sunday morning.  2.  Dinosaur climbed Tomato Mountain with Channing's assistance while I juiced a couple glasses of goodness.  3.  Leanne, Leo & Amber brought lunch and well wishes for a post-first-chemo lunch and a chance to catch up in person.  4.  This retro lovin' mama couldn't pass up the Fisher-Price cash register while at Babies-R-Us.  Channing can't get enough of it.  We play 'Target' constantly.  Constantly.  And for the record, everything costs 40 bucks.  5.  Checking out signs of spring at Hidden Valley Park on an outing with Grandma Meredith.  6.  Channing cruised the neighborhood in his friend, Lexi's, pink Jeep.  7.  Channing, like so many others, decided to eat his chocolate bunny ears first.
1.  Best $1 spent on a 'bath' product.  Channing loves to snap-start a couple neon bracelets and take glow-in-the-dark bathes.  Dollar Spot at Target, I [heart] you.  2.  This week, Channing insisted holding the computer all by his 'big guy self' while Google chatting with WM one evening.  3.  Mustache Man  4.  Channing has a best friend at Target, Joyce.  She adores him as much as he adores her.  She surprised him at the checkout this week with an extra Easter basket.  Not too spoiled, is he?  5.  I started making numbered bean bags for WC to play with.  Started.  They're still in pieces sitting on a shelf.  Maybe we'll finish them off one of these days.  6.  WM's attempt at starting a new trend-square pancakes.  While the shape may not have added to the flavor, the cinnamon and the coconut extract made them divine.  7.  I could stand beneath a blooming apple tree and drink in its heavenly scent all. day.  long.
1.  In preparation for the arrival of his big guy bed, WC helped me shop for new pillows, a waterproof mattress pad and an extra set of sheets.  2.  A mac-n-cheese, living room floor picnic at Kelli's house.  She was kind enough to host Sewing Club.  3.  Testing out the big guy bed mere seconds after the mattress settled into the frame.  4.  Allowing Channing to be in charge of stand mixer operation may not have been the best idea.  While baking banana bread for WM, we had a bit of a flour explosion.  OK.  It was more than a bit of an explosion.  Much more.  5  My growing belly.  Funny how big it looks from this angle.  6.  The 'before' photo on the morning I had Laura shave my head.  Does anyone else see this 'do and think of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory?  7.  Technically, I didn't take this photo, Kendra did, but it is worthy of the project nonetheless.  This was the very first moment I saw myself sans hair.  I like rocking the bald.  Truly, I do.
1.  Channing insisting he was dirty laundry and that he needed a thorough washing.  2.  Batting practice in our backyard.  3.  Playing 'train' on the dining room chairs.  Grandma Meredith pushed them all out of the way while she steam mopped the floor.  Channing and his guys took the opportunity to make an escape on a train bound for Walt Disney World.  4.  While this scene has become the norm on the mornings WM is in town, it never fails to melt this mama's heart.  I'm sure I'll look back on this in wonder when WC is grown, amazed that once his wee toes failed to reach the ground when he kissed his daddy goodbye.  5.  Playing blocks and marbles.  The goal is to make intricate structures and to pass the marble through the openings without toppling the tower.  6.  A morning at the driving range perfecting his swing left WC just a tad tired.  Sweet sleeping boy.   7.  WC hopped into an empty produce box that had yet to hit the recycling bin in the garage in an attempt to jump out and scare WM this morning.  Not exactly sure what the expression on his face says.  I hope it isn't the beginning of the 'awkward smile' phase.  It's way too soon for that.

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Melissa said...

Whew...that was a lot of fun pics! So glad to be all caught up ;-)