May 1, 2012

For The Love

The weather promised to be nice.  It did not deliver.  This mama promised one little boy longing for summer days an afternoon of water play in his splash table.  While I could not deliver on my original promise, a quick trip to Dick's Sporting Goods allowed for making good on another one-the promise of t-ball.  

With the tee assembled, all thought of the splash table was quickly abandoned.  Channing was focused.  Very focused.  As he swung the bat, his eye never left the ball.  

Grandma Meredith played both ball setter and ball getter, happily cheering Channing on, as he hit the red and blue whiffle balls farther and farther into the neighbor's backyard.  I cheered equally as loud from behind the lens.

This routine has been repeated almost daily since its inception, be it with Grandma Meredith, WM, our neighbors or myself.  Channing's determination and focus never wavers.  Never.  

He hits more than he misses.  When he does miss, he comments on his own play.  Sometimes he calls, 'Strike one!'  Other times he laments, 'Oh man.'  My favorite though is when he says, 'Oh for the love of sakes.'  

While he may have his sayings crossed a bit, combining 'Oh, for the love of Pete.' with 'For goodness sakes.', this sport suits him to a T.

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Melissa said...

Yay for t-ball! Owen started baseball this week. Channing will have to make an appearance at a game. He could teach his team a thing or two about how to swing the bat ;-)