May 8, 2012

Mini Chef

Channing's love of helping in the kitchen holds no bounds.  He's always up for a kitchen project.  Always.  Last Tuesday was no exception.  While the rest of us dined on herbed chicken pizza of the pre-made variety, having only to toss it in the oven to bake it, Channing's pizza was a little more involved.  He couldn't have been more pleased.

Have you ever seen these at Papa Murphy's?  It's called a Mini Murphy.  Everything you need is right there in the cute little box.  My mini chef smeared, sprinkled and plopped his way to pizza perfection.

He may have had just a little help from Grandma Meredith.  ; )

See?  A perfect little pizza for one hungry little chef.

Oh yeah, and he got a tattoo.  Not sure which he was more proud of, his pizza or his arm. 

 Nonetheless, it's a culinary experience worth repeating.  Soon.

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Melissa said...

So fun! I have not seen these before. Great idea!