May 15, 2012

Wee Bitty

It's beginning, the return of baby items lent out to friends or passed along to family.  Each time something new appears, Channing asks if it was his or whether or not he used it.  The questions are quickly followed by a sincere conversation with regard to how our new baby will now have a turn 'right, Mom?'

This item in particular fascinated him, our family bassinet.  It was made by my grandfather for my mother and her brother.  In turn, the babies on the Henderson side of the family, my sisters and myself included, have all slumbered in it.  

Here is Channing, just three weeks old, during a weekend at Horseshoe.  While it does have a stand, the basket alone makes for a fantastic mobile sleep spot for tiny babies.

As an aside, the blanket was only placed in the basket with Channing for the purpose of taking photos.  He was never put to sleep like this-on his tummy and with a blanket. 
Jenn, after a recent visit with our folks, sent it north once again for Sarah & I to use come September.  Our niece, Kinsey, has outgrown it, and while soon the days of soothing dollies to sleep will be upon her, there are other wee bitty babes waiting their chance to become part of this family tradition.  

And here is Channing three years later.  He was curious as to whether or not he'd still fit.  Obviously, he did not. 

And yes, my son can rock fancy socks like no one else.  He has a small collection, mostly striped.  
My oh my, how he's grown.

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Melissa said...

My heart smiled seeing that first photo :)