May 17, 2012


His word.  Not mine.  While at first, Channing was reluctant to have his picture taken, he soon got caught up in the fun of his new, blue ball and the camera was forgotten.  

Sometimes, the second my camera comes out, Channing turns his back on me & refuses to let me take his picture.

Boingarooski! became the exclamation of choice as he bounced all over the kitchen and dining room.  Yes.  We play these games in the house.  Yes.  I can be that mama who breaks the house rules.  

These plastic spiders from Halloween are still popping up here and there.  Channing found it hilarious to flick them at me from atop his ball while I tried capturing his photo.  Love that look of concentration!

When rule breaking elicits grins like these, who wouldn't?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That bottom pic is awesome! Love. Equally in love with the fact that the tattoo is still on his arm-sometimes those things are closer to permanent than temporary ;-)