May 23, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Eat a monkey cupcake too.  Perhaps that should read 'eat a monkey cupcake or two.'  

Last week, our post-chemo Tuesday night dinner expanded to include Aunt Kris in addition to mom, Kathy, Channing and myself.  Each diner brought something to share, with Kathy being in charge of dessert.  As plans were made, she paused only slightly to ask if we had any requests.  Without even waiting for our reply, she declared, 'I know just the thing!'

She'd discovered them on Pinterest and pinned them on her 'Things to do with the grandkids' board.  Monkey cupcakes. 

They were darling.  Just ask Channing.  Those were his exact words as soon as he saw what was in the basket hanging from Kathy's arm when she rang the front doorbell.  

He couldn't have been more pleased.  With a little coaxing, he finally did relent to sharing.  Finally.  

As you can see, he kept a watchful eye on us all making sure no one had more than he did.

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