May 29, 2012

Fred the Monster

The last time my mom was in town, we took a quick spin through Knitter's Palette in Lakeville.  The goal was to find yarn suitable to knit a modern blanket for a wee babe.  While I love and adore cute babies, I do not love and adore overly cutesy baby products and decor, nor do I adhere to the traditional sense of color typically associated with them. 

(Photograph & pattern courtesy of Purl Bee.)
We succeeded.  The dark teal will become the corners, the lighter teal the stripes and the marled moss colored yarn will become the main color.  Modern.  Not traditional for a baby.  Perfect.

Mom has now added this to her 'to do list', and I cannot be happier.  

In the process, Channing made some new friends.  As he played hide-n-seek among the yarn bins, these darling monsters caught his eye.  The woman running the shop that morning was kind enough to take them off the shelf and allow Channing to make their acquaintance.  He fell madly in love with them, in particular, the red monster, quickly naming him Fred the Monster.

Even Fred's little buddy got some lovin'.
He was allowed to pick out a skein of yarn of his choosing to go along with this book.  At first, he didn't want to relinquish the soft, bright colored ball to grandma.  He held it, petted it and hid it from the camera's view.  I even heard him softly croon 'Oh Fred, you're just darling.' as he carefully cradled it in his arms.  After a few assurances that she would indeed turn the ball into a Fred the Monster of his own, he gave in.

Book & patterns can be purchased from author & creator, Rebecca Danger.  Believe me, when you see them, you'll fall in love with them ALL and have a difficult time choosing just one to create.  
Mom arrives next week for our usual round of post-chemo activities.  Guaranteed, Channing will ask where Fred is before he says hello or offers up any hugs or kisses.

This is the yarn Channing selected, already turned into the first few rows of Fred.
No pressure, Mom.  No pressure.

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Erin said...

LOVE these monsters... Not to mention your precious son! Now if only I knew how to knit. Miss you guys!