July 16, 2012

365 Project-Weeks 23 through 28

Unceremoniously, here are weeks 23 through 28.  While the blog has been relatively quiet, life has not.  We've been embracing it all.  Every little bit.

1.  Even his t-shirt eyed the ice cream sandwich Channing enjoyed one hot afternoon while sitting on the front porch.  2.  This is what happens when you ask Channing to smile nicely for a picture with Uncle Joe.  3.  We're gearing up and getting ready.  The olympics are now less than 2 weeks away.  Our house is filled with excitement & anticipation.  4.  At one point, this summer was cool enough to enjoy afternoon bike rides with pit stops that allowed for rock throwing at the pond down the street.  Oh how I miss those days.  5.  Desperate for an activity that would keep Channing occupied for more than 10 minutes, I caved and bought him Play-Doh.  6.  Holly & Lynnea stopped for dinner one evening bringing with them a bouquet of sunflowers (my absolute favorite!!).  Channing thought they were a fun place to try to hide.  7.  Bow tie onesies.  Too cute.  Way too cute!!  And super easy to whip up in and afternoon.  
1.  Scraps on the dining room floor.  I made a new Boppy cover one afternoon.  You'll see the finished result when I finally finish our nursery and share those photos.  2.  Stop, young man!!  That's mom's tutu you're dashing off with!!  3. Channing carefully tucked a couple of his favorite bedtime reads into WM's suitcase one morning as WM was dashing out the door.  They had story time that night via Google Chat.  Love it!  4.  This is the celebration leap of a young man who just made his first hole-in-one.  Believe it or not, he made TWO that evening.  Atta boy!!  5.  Blueberry muffins, fresh squeezed OJ and bow tie onesies were dropped off across the street, welcoming Jim & Kelli's sweet boy, Jonah, to the neighborhood.  In a matter of months, FOUR baby boys are due in our corner of the neighborhood.  6.  Channing was determined to BAM! me with his bubble gun.  7.  I'm amazed every time I pass one of these on the kitchen or dining room floor.  Channing's block towers have gotten increasingly creative and complex-physical proof of those wheels I frequently see turning in that sweet head of his.

1.  Boys & their toys.  iPad time for Channing & Anderson with WM.  2.  Channing and his 'little hopper.'  He discovered a small toad on our driveway after kissing WM & sending him off to work one weekday morning.  3.  Like father, like son.  Neither of my boys can resist the temptation of meringue, sneaking bites from the edges when they thing no one is watching.  4.  Schlopp.  Schlopp.  Beautiful schlopp.  Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top.  This is what Channing sings each time he has ice cream courtesy of Dr. Seuss' Oh The Thinks You Can Think.  5.  "Fancy beautiful."  One afternoon, Channing asked to wear a 'bald lady scarf' so he could be fancy beautiful just like me.  Melted this mama's heart.  He sure did.  6.  Home made Play-Doh.  While I despise the store bought stuff due to the crumbly mess it makes, the kind we make ourselves is fantastic.  7.  We started digging out Channing's old clothes in anticipation of a bitty brother's arrival.  Channing couldn't believe he actually wore that onesie on the way home from the hospital.  He kept holding it up and laughing at how small it is. 
1.  In addition to decorating the nursery, we've been busy sprucing up other places in our house too.  We're thrilled with our upholstered headboard courtesy of West Elm.  2.  Big Helper Channing attacked an old foot stool with a pair of pliers, helping pull staples and remove old upholstery fabric.  3.  Window markers.  Yet another too hot to play outside distraction.  4.  My insulin pen, a necessary part of my nightly routine, now that I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Oh joy.  5.   Potential colors for our bedroom and the nursery.  The master bedroom has now been painted courtesy of Walt & WM.  The nursery is still on the To Do list.  6.  Cousins, post-bath & pre-bed, watching a show on the iPad.  7.  Channing & Fred the Monster kicking it in the green rocking chair. 
1.  Channing now likes having 'coffee' in the morning.  I make it just like Grandma Max used to-8 parts milk or cream to 2 parts coffee.  He prefers Almond Joy creamer over milk & sugar and has to dunk his snack in his beverage as well.  2.  We had a lunch date with Leanne & Leo recently.  Channing once again practiced his big brother skills, playing with Leo on the floor & helping him every time his paci fell out of his mouth.  3.  Two play dates in one week.  A record for us in recent months that allowed Channing & Megan to work on their doctoring skills.  According to Dr. Megan, Channing's blood pressure was right where it should be.  He's in perfect health.  4.  Channing gets his feet painted by WM during our recent project night.  That yellow paper now accents a pink & blue butterfly that was given to Great Grandma Charlotte to decorate her room during her stay in MN.  5.  This little guy's grimace clearly says, 'Please free me from the confines of this prison.' yet I never do.  He's been stuck between the spindles of Channing's bed for quite some time now.  His expression cracks me up every time I see him.  Every time.  6.  Grilled peach & pork salad.  Diabetic food that everyone agreed was quite tasty.  7.  Channing's first experience with 4th of July sparklers.  He took great care in handling them as you can tell by the look of concentration on his face. 
1.  Dr. Flynn hard at work last Monday morning.  2.  Sharp cheddar & Wheat Thins, a perfect snack to keep my blood sugar balanced overnight.  3.  A very proud Channing & his first Frizbee.  4.  WM & Charlotte enjoying each other's company at dinner last week.  5.  Channing insisted on having his picture taken amid the flowers WM ordered & Kathy delivered in honor of a very special event last Friday.  (A separate post is coming.  Promise!)  6.  While the sprinkler was turned on for the purpose of watering the lawn, Channing used it as a means of cooling off.  This mama didn't even care that he was fully clothed.  It was that hot.  7.  Yet another DIY project in progress around here.  Our office/guest room is finally coming together too.  Yes, the urge to nest has extended far beyond the walls of the nursery.  


Melissa said...

I have to say that I love when 2, 3 or say 5 weeks of photos get published on one post. So fun to look at all of them! And...what happened last Friday?!? I am anxiously awaiting the news...

Leanne said...

Love all of your photos and witty commentary! I also love that sweet boy of yours and his paci reinserting skills. We may need him again soon :-)