July 13, 2012

Paging Dr. Flynn

Channing took his job very seriously.  If you ask him, I'm positive he'd tell you Dr. Block was his assistant, not the other way around.  We were at Clinic Sofia Monday for my most recent check-up.  For a change, an ultrasound was not on the schedule which allowed for Channing to come along.

He hopped up on the chair next to the exam table where I sat and with a slight nod from Dr. Block, he instructed me to lay down.  He then proceeded to measure my big belly, declaring it ginormous (yes, that is a very exact medical term).  After conferring with Dr. Block, they decided the growth was appropriate and continued with the exam.  30 weeks.  30 centimeters.  Perfectly on track.

Assistant Block handed Dr. Flynn the doppler as she applied gel to my belly.  Without hesitation, he held the instrument in place and the sound of a wee heartbeat chugging along filled the room.  Dr. Flynn's smile said it all.  

That's MY brother in there.  Boy oh boy am I proud. 

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Melissa said...

Love that smile on his face. How fun that he got to do that.