July 5, 2012

Artful Announcement

The paint hasn't dried, yet the photos have been uploaded to iPhoto and a blog post is swimming in my head.  What started as Channing begging to 'do a project' after dinner turned into family art night.

He grabbed construction paper, paint brushes & paints, while I cleaned up dinner dishes and WM prepped the dining room table with a drop cloth.  I thought for sure there would be peels of laughter, worming & squirming as WM began to apply paint to Channing's toes.  Nope.  He was captivated by the process.

Paint applied in just the right pattern, a footprint was pressed to paper.  Then another.  And yet another.  The result?  This:

Channing then asked with a shy smile, 'Can I paint on your bald head?'  Though the paint claimed to be washable, I hesitated & in that brief moment came a solution.  My belly.  Yes, I let Channing paint my belly.  It would be covered up if the paint at all stained my skin.  

He took great care in applying the paint just so, connecting the paint lines 'so no one can get in' whatever that means to a three-year-old mind.  I like to think it's his protective side once again shining through.

It seemed appropriate in that moment to finally share what many of you already know.  Through Channing's artistry and WM's steady finger on the camera's shutter button, we'd like you to know we're having a

Yep.  There you have it.  Another boy.  We couldn't be more excited.  Just 10 weeks to go!


Laura said...

Congratulations Holly! That's so exciting and such a fun way to reveal it!

Leanne said...

Love love love family art night! Our boys can do rojects together soon! I also have to say how much I love your beautiful bald head!!! Mine was never that pretty :-)

Nellie Dee said...

That is awesome! What a creative and wonderful way to share the wonderful news. Congratulations.

Melissa said...

Love! Was WM doing your photog for this blog? He is doing quite well :-)

Lynnea said...