June 27, 2012

All Stitched Up & Ready To Go

He's really, real & he's finally here.  Fred the Monster has arrived.  Grandma Meredith put the finishing touches on Channing's new best friend as Channing took his bath this evening.  

It's amazing what we've learned about Fred already.

1.  He's five-and-a-half years old.
2.  His favorite color, like Channing's, is blue.
3.  His favorite cartoon is Chuck & Friends.
4.  He's 'that tall.'
5.  His favorite pass time is being tossed up into the air and 'letting' Channing catch him.  

Oh and 6. Fred's favorite food is waffles.  Fred LOVES waffles.  Channing said so.  

He also said the thing that would make Fred the happiest monster in the whole wide world would be to have a friend, a BIG monster.  Yes, even before Grandma Meredith placed the last stitch in Fred's little blue belly button, Channing had the monster knitting book out.  This time, he picked Hugo.  Apparently, Hugo likes popcorn and that makes him the perfect companion for Fred.  And Channing.


Leanne said...

Fred is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to meet him!

Melissa said...

Welcome home Fred! There is no shortage of love at that house...you are one lucky monster.