June 22, 2012

365 Project-Weeks 19-22

I feel like a hoarder, a photo hoarder to be precise.  Weeks and weeks worth of photographs and stories are waiting to be shared.  Weeks!  The photos are crying from the confines of iPhoto, begging to be let out.  

As I'm off to the oncology center this morning and have just a few minutes to spare before dashing out the door, I'll share once more from the 365 Project.  Here you go-Weeks 19 through 22.  Enjoy!
1.  Channing & his crawly little friend having a face-to-race chat on our front walk.  2.  Angie brought a fantastic two-sided puzzle when she came to visit.  Channing wasted no time in showing Grandma Kathy how great he is at making matches.  3.  A red umbrella day.  While it wasn't raining, Channing seemed to think it was appropriate to carry the umbrella around for a while one morning.  4.  Tasty bites.  Oh how I love me some baked brie.  The left bite has brown sugar & pecans melted over it.  The right bite was topped with a mixture of fresh berries, sea salt, olive oil and a drizzle of honey.  My mouth is watering.  5.  Chemo day.  Eating popsicles while certain drugs are administered can prevent nasty mouth sores.  I just like seeing the bright colors in a place that can sometimes seem a little depressing.  6.  Boingarooski!!  7.  One of the many balls in Channing's ball collection.  This one is hollow in the middle, allowing Channing and his neighborhood friends to crawl inside.  Too fun!!
1.  The ceiling of one of the green houses at Gertens.  Channing kept asking if we were 'in the forest' and making exclamations about adventures as we browsed aisle after aisle of plants and flowers.  2.  One must keep a watchful eye out when eating cupcakes.  You never know who's going to try to steal a bite of your frosting!  3.  Fred the Monster has a little friend.  Channing made sure he got some love too when visiting the yarn shop.  4.  I was told NOT to take a picture of Channing's new haircut thus he tried to cover it up when I pulled out the ol' camera.  5.  The very beginning of Fred.  He's come a long way since then.  6.  A post-swim hot chocolate and a bit of ship watching on a recent visit to Duluth.  7.  One last dip in the pool before leaving Duluth and returning home.  
1.  The every present and always watchful Mr. Bunny.  2. Pinterest.  Yes.  I am totally addicted to Pinterest.  This is frequently my view on the nights WM is out of town and WC has gone to bed.  3.  Mega bubbles.  Channing wanted to make the big kind one day.  We tried.  Unsuccessfully.  4.  The little man of the house is still working on his baby care skills.  At this point, he could probably teach some adults a thing or two.  I'm not kidding.  This kid's got it down!  5.  Channing enjoyed a sand filled morning on Horseshoe beach over Memorial Day weekend.  Loving the rolled up jeans and the sandy toes.  Just can't get enough of them!  6.  With a little coaxing from Grandma Kathy, Channing finally got over his fear of the 4-Wheeler.  7.  The 2012 Horseshoe Cup Champion eyes up his competition as his group approaches the back 9.  Truthfully, WM won this year, but if you ask Channing he did.  
1.  A little bite of heaven, cinnamon roll bread from Toby's bakery.  2.  Channing pays no mind to the temperature outdoors.  Even when it's a gazillion degrees out with 200% humidity, he begs to go outdoors to play.  This pregnant mama isn't so fond of that type of weather, so we occasionally have to compromise.  On this particular day, compromise came in the form of a fort made of the dining room chairs and a bunch of random blankets from the linen closet.  3.  Another indoor distraction for little ones-paper airplanes!!  I've made an entire fleet of them now.  To Channing each holds just as much magic and fun as the one before.  1 piece of printer paper = hours of entertainment = one happy boy + one happy mama.  4.  A quick trip to the General Store in Minnetonka resulted in a fabulously tasty lunch with Grandma Kathy and a basket filled with Father's Day goodies for WM.  Channing personally selected each an every one of them, even the egg separator.  5.  Just relaxin' on Grandma & Grandpa Flynn's deck.  Sometimes a guy's just got to kick back and relax, if only for a minute or two.  6.  Daddy's big helper thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Home Depot to purchase a storm door and excitedly talked about all the tools required to complete the installation all the way home.  He truly thought he had it all figured out and that he was going to be the one doing all the work.  7.  WM's favorite day of spring, the day the soft shell crab appears among all the fresh sea food at Byerly's.  

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