June 19, 2012

Happy Accident

It took bribery this time around.  If Channing cooperated and allowed me to photograph him for a little Father's Day project, I'd give him one York Peppermint Patty Bite for each pose he didn't whine about.  At first, the bites were definitely needed, but after a time they were forgotten.  Channing, the model, found his groove, and we went with it.  

Truth be told, I was after just one shot.  I got it.  The result?  

Well, to start with one very happy accident.  There is something about this picture of him that grabs me and pulls me in.  

In trying to capture a photo of little boy toes against Daddy's big ol' baseball glove, I pulled back and unexpectedly caught this.  Makes me want to scoop him up, smother him with smooches and keep him small forever.  

And, then there was the intended result.  WM was more than pleased to find this in his pile of gifts on Father's Day morning, making both the photographer and the model very, very happy.

Funny thing about this gift.  It has yet to be hung on the wall.  As it is within his reach, Channing keeps stealing it and claiming it as his own.  I often find it propped against the wall in his bedroom where he insists it must be hung.  Silly boy.

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Melissa said...

What a DARLING shot! Nicely done mom.