June 11, 2012


Tonight...Tonight, I am thankful to be bald.  Yes, an odd thing to be thankful for.  However, the reality is if I wasn't bald already, I'd be well on my way to being there.  I've been pulling out my non-exsistant hair for well over an hour now trying to get Channing to bed.  Seriously.  

We've (hopefully) negotiated for the umteenth and final time.  The house is finally silent.  I do not hear the pitter patter of little feet sneaking down the hall, a little boy on a late night quest for a bandaid or in search of a glass of water or needing to pee or needing lotion for his itchy bug bites or...or...or...The peace of a house with sleeping children has descended.  Finally.

It's time for this mama to play catch up, to finally download and sort through hundreds of photos amassed over the past few weeks, to take a quiet walk down memory lane while the gentle evening breeze floats in through the open window and to enjoy a little me time. 


Without further ado, the 365 project-Week 18.  

1.  Mom Drawings.  Well, that's what Channing calls DrawSomething.  He's very good at helping out.  Very good.  2.  Sporting his pizza chef tattoo and getting ready to serve up his fresh baked pizza pie.  3.  We're finally getting around to a little decorating in our master bedroom.  Channing was holding up fabric swatches for our new headboard and, of course, giving his opinion on what should be ordered.  4.  Practicing writing the letter 'C' in on the shower door.  Yes, he's wearing his swimming trunks and rash guard in the shower.  Whatever keeps him happy, right?  5.  Slicing and dicing.  The Swim Suit Chef helped to make salad one night before dinner.  6.  Snuggle buddies.  'Nuf said.  7.  Snugglier buddies.  Channing helped to love up Laurie's pooch, Rustie.  
There is still much sorting and sifting to do.  Hopefully, this will tide you over.

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