July 23, 2012


It's not as if we need an excuse.  We remember her every.  single.  day.  Baby Sophie.  Funny, in a way, that we still call her that.  She'd have turned two today. 

We had a quiet dinner last night.  The invitation was very last minute.  Which, if you know me well, you know how much of a planner I am in regard to dinners and parties and dinner parties.  It's hard to know how to meld together the joy and the melancholy.  So I avoided the issue until the 11th hour and then sent a hasty email to very few.  

Of course, dessert included strawberries.  We sang Happy Birthday.  Channing blew out the candles.  And we remembered, with light yet heavy hearts the bitty girl that exuded big love.  Thankful for her time with us.  So deeply sadden by our loss.  

I melt every time I see this picture of Channing and his two Sophies.  He loves his bitty girl.  Both of them.  
Big things are brewing in her honor.  BIG things.  Just you wait and see. 


KF said...

Whatched Sophie's Montage today and listened to With Hope by Steve Curtis Chapman over and over... We will see your face again... My heart aches for you sweet little miss xoox Grandma.

Leanne said...

That sweet picture melts my heart. What amazing love. What an amazing mama! Such beauty and strength in every word. Praying for you sweet dear.

Melissa said...

Thought of you all over and over again on Monday...wanted to call but didn't want to interrupt whatever celebration you were having in her honor. Know that she was celebrated over here, too...with love and smiles and lots and lots of prayers.