August 22, 2012

365 Project-Week 29 Thru 33

The past few 365 posts, I've started with an apology.  I make excuses as to why so much time has passed since sharing these daily snippets of our life.  This time, I'm not.  Nope.  We've been busy-busy enjoying these cooler summer days and evenings, busy gearing up for fall & most important, getting ready for the arrival of the littlest Flynn.  It's felt good.  Really good.  Without further ado, this is how we've been spending our time.

1.  Fixings for taco night.  Such beautiful colors, I couldn't help but snap a picture.  2.  Doesn't everyone's three-year-old wear his swim trunks and sit in a sink full of water to brush his teeth?  3.  With a little help from Uncle Joey, Channing blew out the candles on Sophie's birthday cake.  Happy Birthday bitty girl.  4.  Silly watermelon grins.  5.  Yes, it has been shared before, but we're still loving our beautiful new kitchen tile.  6.  Contemplating what to have for breakfast.  At his age, it is a monumental decision.  7.  Still not over the obsession with 'Aunt Kelly's cereal', Channing had to show me nearly every marshmallow in his bowl before gobbling it up. 
1.  All belly buttons like to be hidden now and then beneath a smiley face chocolate.  Cute & delicious.  2.  The state of our dining room table until last night.  Not kidding.  It has looked like this for weeks now.  The good news is that I've gotten a TON of sewing done.  3.  Channing spent the better part of two afternoons hiding in this fort made from our laundry hamper and my chemo quilt.  4.  Lauren & Ben along with mom & dear friend Marcy joined us for play time and sweet treats one morning.  5.  Even Baby Flynn got into the Olympic spirit.  How's that for a baby bump?  6.  A more than welcome rain storm.  Loved it.  Every single drop.  7.  Our little fish at the local pool.  An impromptu invitation by our neighbors equated to a whole lot of splashy, wet fun. 
1.  Doesn't every suburban home have a tractor sprinkler?  2.  Splash time with Mommy.  We spent the better part of a day with friends, the Swoverland's & Gartzke's, at their pool.  It was heaven on earth.  Seriously.  3.  Channing unpacked a box of fabric upon its arrival from Hawthorne Threads.  He changed his mind a zillion times when asked which was his favorite.  I don't think he ever made up his mind.  4.  Nursery prep!!  5.  It was Channing's job to clean the acorns off Walt & Kath's patio.  6.  Toe bling post a sister's pedicure with Sarah.  Both of us, due within a week of each other, thoroughly enjoyed a little pampering.  7.  The peanut butter monster.  I was making a bedtime snack for myself and this guy and his happy little knife kept trying to snatch my jar of peanut butter.   
1.  Little pants and a chevron embellished onesie I stitched up for friends out east who just welcomed the newest member of their family to the world.  Congrats!!  2.  More nursery prep.  Channing put his own chair in the room so he can take his own turn in rocking our wee babe.  3.  Boing-a!!  4.  New buddies for brothers who are sure to become the best of friends.  5.  Quilt fabric all cut up and ready to go.  6.  Stopped at Melissa & Jeff's to pick up a cradle for the little guy and made an about face after finding these being grilled up on the stove.  I just had to run to the car for the camera.  These cinnamon bun pancakes just had to be the picture of the day.  7.  Channing, the fearless fish, on one of his many trips down the water slide during a Kuehl Family weekend get together.
1.  Helping Grandpa Walt put together a new toy for his baby brother.  2.  The beautiful, new diaper bag Kathy was kind enough to make for me.  For anyone else who sews, the Multi-Tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner is likely one of my favorite bags EVER.  What a blessing to have such a talented mother-in-law  3.  Multiply that blessing by two for having a mom who can knit like nobody's business.  I pet this sweet little blanket every time I pass by the end of the crib in the nursery.  Yes, it's that soft and cozy.  4.  Wildflowers dancing in the wind on a recent trip to Hidden Valley Park.  5.  And they're off!!  A night at the races with Flynn's.  That's Channing's favorite horse, Sassy Cassy, there on his head.  You'll never guess who that horse is named after!  6.  (Sassy) Cassie in the flesh.  Channing enjoyed a bit of a snuggle while we waited for our lunch order to be delivered to our table.  7.  Mr. Hopper hitches a ride in Channing's pocket.  
And there you have it...Five weeks of Flynn Family fun!!  

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Leanne said...

Love love love. So glad you are soaking in summer!