August 30, 2012


Well, perhaps not so much of a bump as a mountain.  Seriously.  Could this belly be any bigger??

I'd been holding off on sharing the belly pictures Melissa recently took for me as Sarah & I also had sister pics taken.  However, those images have yet to arrive in my inbox & I am anxious to share.  

Channing is obsessed with his little brother.  There are many, many belly pats and belly kisses.  We take turns feeling each other's tummies to see who's baby moves the most.  For the record, Channing's always wins. 

It took a little bribery to get him to take this image.  It's awfully cute though & I'm sure if you asked, he'd tell you posing for it was worth the five York Peppermint Patty Bites he was rewarded with.  

And then there's this last image.  I've been all a-tizzy with sewing project after sewing project getting ready for this wee one.  Our collaborative quilt is just awaiting it's 'made by...'patch.  It's lovely as you can glimpse here.  This picture was only partially posed.  I love this green chair.  I love the natural light that fills the nursery in the afternoon and early evening.  I find myself drawn to this corner for hand sewing and book reading and Pinterest gawking.  

Soon.  Very soon.  I'll post images of us rocking a wee babe in this very spot.  


(A very special thank you to Melissa for taking the time to take these pictures.  XO!!)

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Melissa said...

You are most certainly welcome! You made it oh so easy ;-) Love ya!