September 8, 2012

Times Two

Happenstance was kind to us this year, my sister Sarah & I.  First came my announcement. I'm pregnant.  Then, came her announcement.  I am too.  Our due dates?  Just one week apart.  Me:  September 16.  Sarah:  September 23  Yep.  Exactly one week.

At her recent baby shower, Sarah's friend, Laura, was kind enough to take a few sister belly pics for us.  Sister bumps.  

Does life get any sweeter? Ask me or my sister.  I think not.


Laura said...

Thank you for being such great models! I had so much fun with you two!

Melissa said...

So darling! Can't wait for the sister pics sans bumps and babes instead ;-)

Anonymous said...

How fun is that?!?

Lynnea said...

Love it! Thanks for posting!