September 10, 2012


First words out of Channing's mouth this morning:  'Mom!  It's my first day of school today!!'  The excitement was evident in both the tone of his voice and in the expression on his face. He was BEYOND excited to go to school.

He requested his favorite breakfast, oatmeal with mini chocolate chips, and then left it more untouched than not in the bowl.  He was 'too excited' to eat.

He picked out his most favorite new shirt to wear for the occasion.  The shirt had to be new.  A favorite shirt just would not do.  His new favorite shirt of choice:  the yellow one that smiles.  Doesn't this shirt beg the question, 'Hey!  Wanna be my friend?'

Channing and his shirt were both all smiles as we dropped him at school and still all smiles when I picked him up a couple of hours later.  We hit Davanni's for pizza on our way home and he gave me the scoop.  No, no one cried, but one boy missed his mom.  [exasperated sigh]  Ms. Caren did NOT let them go outside today (something he'd been looking forward to since he found out at orientation his school day should start with outdoor play time).  BUT, on the bright side, they played with the parachute in the Motor Room which in Channing's book more than made up for the missed playground time.  

Best part?  He's more than looking forward to going back on Wednesday.  He simply cannot wait.  

Best of luck to you, little man.  Happy First Day of School!!

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Lynnea said...

Tell Channing that Lynnea still thinks all those olives on pizza are crazy! Ewwwwww. ;)