September 29, 2012


Mentally, numerous photo layouts have been edited and post have been written.  Blogable moments abound at the Flynn house these days.  However, technical difficulties have been preventing me from following through on execution.  (Sorry Erin!  I know you've been anxiously awaiting updates!!)  Importing photos from the camera to iPhoto is a long, drawn-out ordeal, one that requires me to delete old photos to make room for the new.  

Not to worry.  A Mall of America adventure is on tap this week.  An appointment at the Genius Bar is on the list of 'must do's' along with a ride on the Backyardigans' Swing-a-Long and a stop at Soma for new PJs.   

We've had some quiet moments and some not so quiet moments.  

Tummy time has settled softly into its space in our every day routine.   Bright hued watercolors and quilts filling our world with happy colors.

Channing continues to be the ever present, ever attentive and ever helpful big brother.  Bath time is HIS time.  HE is the one to wash stinky baby toes and gently wipe away the day's grim.  Fortunately, he does understand it's best to have mommy or daddy lend a hand.  

This need to help exists away from home too.  Maxwell had his first doctor's appointment a week or so ago.  At first, Channing was more interested in running up and down the hallway outside the exam rooms.  It didn't take long though for Angie to coax Dr. Channing into Maxwell's room.  She showed Channing how to check Maxwell's eyes and to listen to his heart.  

These two, well you can see for yourself, are in cahoots.  Thankfully, their goal is to keep the littlest Flynn happy & healthy.  

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