October 3, 2012

365 Project Week 34-38

Without further ado...

1.  Tub toes.  I just want to eat 'em!!  2.  WM gave WC a quarter post-lunch date at EPC.  He got to pick ANYTHING he wanted from the machines.  He didn't pick gum.  I was very surprised.  He picked a teeny, tiny rubber parrot.  Squawk!!  3.  We spent a drizzly morning at the Cleary Lake golf course.  If you ask WC, he won by a landslide.  4.  WC is a fiend for tacos, especially the kind you make in the snack sized Doritos bag.  Yum!  5.  Monsters all lined up and waiting for the ice cream to be dished up.  6.  Bitty clothes awaiting MD's arrival  7.  I don't think this is really considered part of 'nesting.'  However, this is what the living room would look like in the morning after a night of trying to find somewhere comfortable to sleep in the final days before MD's arrival. 
1.  Rolo, pecan & pretzel bites.  Delish!  2.  Jasmine, WC's latest and greatest stuffed best friend, is safely tucked into his backpack and ready for a sleepover with Grandma & Grandpa Flynn.  3.  Just a few of the tomatoes WC helped Kathy pick from their garden  4.  Doc McChanning.  He's obsessed with Doc McStuffins.  We made a felt stethoscope for him one evening.  It looked just like hers.  He was beyond thrilled.  Thank you, Pinterest!  5.  Leo & WC spent part of one morning shooting hoops.  6.  A failed attempt at making fairies in a jar.  We ended up with a jar of wet, glitter blobs.  : (  7.  Schloppy-schlop.  WC & WM reading Dr. Seuss at bedtime.  I love sneaking in during these moments and watching, usually un-noticed.   
1. Swirls of burlap and a paper F replaced the yarn wreath on our front door.  Hello Fall!!  2.  WC listening to Ms. Caren read the story of Little Mouse at "Meet Your Teacher Day."  3.  WC being introduced to his wee, little cousin Haley.  4.  The view from the sewing table.  It is much easier to get my projects done if WC has a project and workstation of his own.  5.  The fruits of my sewing labor-fabric & felt pumpkins that now grace the entry hall table.  6.  WM taking a turn giving some love to Haley.  No you're not imagining things.  She really is that little.  I'll tell you more about her in another post.  7.  WC's spook-tacular craft project.  He was mighty proud of the house we built together.
1.  SKY, a most lovely shade of blue nail polish.  I managed to get this on my toes without mishap once Dr. Block announced MD would be arriving the following day.  There was just no time to run to the salon for a pedicure!  2.  MD's first sponge bath just hours after his arrival.  3.  WC picked these for his brother.  They lasted over two weeks.!!  4.  With gestational diabetes out of the picture, I wasted no time in enjoying a little of my favorite ice cream.  5.  WC refers to Dr. Block as 'the chocolate doctor' due to the large candy dish in her waiting room.  She made sure chocolates were delivered to the hospital to help WC feel special too.  6.  Baby yawns make for some of my favorite candid shots.  7.  A mitten-clad MD snuggles with WM & fills his little belly.
1.  Fall's arrival = Honeycrisp Apples.  I turned this small pile into a crisp.  No one complained.  WC even ate some for breakfast one morning.  2.  Blue delphiniums in the bouquet of flowers from our CMG family.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  3. Snuggle buddies.  4.  This guy loves, loves, loves his pacifier.  5.  My hair actually does this on its own.  I wash & dry it.  This is the result.  WC thinks its hilarious that I have 'shark hair.'  6.  The perfect swirl on the back of MD's head that I find myself tracing with my fingertip over and over and over.  These are the little details you never, ever want to forget.  7.  My boys watching football.  

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Mysie said...

So that's who Andre gets his shark hair from... mystery solved. I can't wait to get him from school and show him this pic along with all the rest.