October 13, 2012

Laugh Out Loud

"Mom, can we do that picture thing?"  At first, I was puzzled by the request.  Then he added, "You know...That funny face one."  

The light went on.  Photo Booth.  He meant Photo Booth.

For a half hour, we laughed, non-stop, as we clicked our way through the various effects.  We tried them all.  Pinch.  X-Ray.  Comic Book.  

Two-headed Channing.
No headed Channing. 
Thermal perfectly illustrating my look of horror as Channing's elbow knocked his full glass of grape juice to the floor.  We just laughed harder, first at the mess and then at my expression.
It was a great reminder in the midst of new baby sleep depravation, looming surgery, mounds of laundry and piles of dishes, that sometimes, it's the small things, the seemingly simple ones, that make the moment.  

Fish faces.

A comic smooch-a-roo-ski.
The best part?  I recognized it as it happened, not after the fact, and allowed myself to savor it that much more.  

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Leanne said...

We love photo booth too!! We spend hours laughing hysterically! Love that. Simple joys. It is what life is all about!