October 21, 2012

Boob Voyage

In a mad flurry of texts having more to do with The Voice than anything, Kendra innocently asked when we'd be raising a glass to My Girls and wishing them a fond farewell.  Until she broached the subject, I hadn't given it much thought.  Once it was up for discussion though, the Googling began.  What exactly does one do to say boob voyage? 

I came across the blog of another thirty-something who had been down this path.  Yes, some days breast cancer does feel as common as a cold, especially among women of my generation.  While I don't recall whether or not she had her own send off (for the life of me, I cannot find the blog and it's driving me crazy!!), I was inspired, not only by her story but by the foundation she created.  Feel Your Boobies Foundation, a non-profit breast cancer organization, focuses 100% on using media and other unexpected and unconventional methods to spread this life saving message to young women.  Leigh found her lump, not by a traditional breast exam, but by simply feeling her boobies.  That hit home.  I found my lump putting lotion on my body having just taken my daily shower.

I needed to rally my troops.  We needed t-shirts.  We needed drinks.  And chocolate.  

Porter Creek Grill's Banana Ice Cream Cake.  Can you say YUM???
There was an audible groan from many who read my email inviting them to join me for the big send-off as it included the words 'craft project.'  You see, while I thoroughly enjoy my creative endeavors, not all of my girlfriends are like-minded.  Undeterred, they came anyway.

We gathered & made t-shirts that read 'Feel Your Boobies.'  Yes, I stole the idea from the FYBF website.  With more resources and more time at hand, I would have simply ordered all attendees a shirt.  That, however, was not an option.  There were mere days between that initial text and the celebration taking place.  

In case you're curious, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut heat set vinyl for creating our shirts.   The ironing-on process did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.  We all had to iron our shirts multiple times.  In the end, the result was good.
Even my niece, Haley, ended up with a Feel Your Boobies Shirt.  
Freshly ironed shirts donned, we headed out the door for a few drinks, some tasty bites and more than a few boob related one-liners.  I felt so lucky and so blessed to have my friends come together to support me.  

It felt good to bring a lightness to an event that can weigh so heavily on a person.  I am voluntarily cutting off part of my body in order to save my own life.  That's heavy.  Very heavy.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being nervous, to doing the mental countdown to 2:30 on October 25 more times each day than I can count.  I just want to have this behind me.  It's horrid to wish your life away; however, if I could just fast forward a few weeks to the part where I'm mostly recovered from surgery, it'd be great.  

I'd be telling an equally large untruth if I didn't share with you the fact that I. AM. READY.  Let's get this done with.  Let me get on with living.  Me, yes, I've got a whole lot of living to do, and I don't need cancer lingering in the corner like an unwelcome party guest.  

I'll share details of my surgery in a future post.  Some of you have asked some very pointed questions.  I certainly don't mind answering them.  I'm one who prefers to be educated when it comes to medical concerns.  I'm happy to share all that I've learned.  

In the meantime, go feel your boobies.  Come on now, give 'em a good squeeze.  ; )


Nellie Dee said...

You are so beautiful, Holly. John and I will be with you in our prayers.

Melanie said...

Wow!!! You look amazing. Your hair is adorbs. Love it. Like, consider keeping it!!!
Sending so much love. Xxoxoxo