November 15, 2012


My intention when this post started writing itself in my head was to share my favorite Channing quotes from his third year.  Some of them were humdingers.  Take for example our trip to FL in March during which Channing expressed his concern for WM's well being.

We walked into our hotel room.  Channing took one look at the single king-size bed in the room, looked at me and asked, 'Where's Daddy going to sleep?'

On the same trip, he took to giving fair warning.  His delivery was like no other.  'Mom, I love you, but I'm going to be naughty now.'

Kids, as I'm sure you know, say the darndest things.  However, a picture still says a thousand words.  So, here's another 13,000 words, give or take a few to round out this post.

This is how the year began.  Into the green chair he went for the traditional picture, a place we'd been so many times before to mark the passing of time.  He was more pliable than not, agreeing to the pictures, to what I asked him to wear and smiling a genuine smile.

December and the magic of the holiday season was exponentially more magical.  Channing, being old enough to 'get it' was in awe of everything Christmas.  Everything.  Right down to the last shimmering light.

Swimming lessons, started in September, continued into January and right through those coldest, snowiest months.  The heat and humidity of the local pool was a welcome reprieve from what Mother Nature provided us.

Come February, we came to the realization that winter citrus was often best enjoyed as a toy rather than a food, or more often as a toy first and then food.  Orange goggles, an age appropriate alternative to beer goggles.

March allowed for a winter escape complete with the crunch of snow, something that eluded us at home.  Channing still talks of this weekend, how we arrived to thigh-deep snow in the middle of the night.  It was to him 'the best adventure in the whole wide world.'

Even in need of a spruce up, this kid's cute.  Very cute.  I'm not completely biased either.  Those brown eyes melt this mama time and time again.  He knows it too.  

Gertens beckoned in May.  We took both grandmas with us to shop for plants to spruce up the porch.  These purple petunias passed the 'do they hide me well enough to make monster faces and to jump out and rawr people' test with flying colors.

June = bubble machine.  Channing's obsession.  

The heat of July often kept us (me being VERY pregnant at this point) indoors and gave perfect reason for Chef Channing to don his hat and to lend a hand in the kitchen i.e. eat sugar out of the canister by the spoonful.

August passed in a blur of muddy red boots, shovels and dirt as the quest for toads and worms seemed unending.  He'd still be out there right now if we'd have left him to his own devices.

September brought new life into our household, something readily and totally embraced by big brother Channing.  The boys practiced their wrestling moves on the first day Max was home from the hospital.  It hasn't stopped.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

See...this is one proud big brother.  I was trying to take a one month picture of Max.  Channing kept creeping in.  I'll remind him of this in another three years when he absolutely refuses to let me take his picture.  Let's be realistic.  That day is coming.

We've come full circle.  This time, I was not allowed to pick out the clothes.  I couldn't even hint at what I'd have grabbed from the dresser drawers.  He was little Mr. Independent.  I'm beyond excited to see what this year brings.  Beyond excited.  Each year, I think 'this is my favorite age' then the next comes along and I like it even better.  

Happy birthday, Walter Channing Flynn.  You are SO loved.

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