November 18, 2012

Worms & Dirt & Trucks

When you're nearly four and your mama approaches you with regard to planning your birthday party, you speak from the heart.  'What kind of a birthday party do you want to have this year, Channing?'  After weeks of going round and round and round, this question finally started getting a consistent answer.  Worms & dirt & trucks.  

He asked.  We delivered.  Party prep started in earnest on Thursday, the day of the week our family now refers to as Leanne Day.  Thursday afternoon, Leo gets loved on by Grandma Fran while Leanne gives more than generously of her time and her spirit.  This week, Sarah & Haley joined us too.  We chopped, stirred, whipped, printed, packed and taped our way through the better part of the afternoon while Grandma Meredith flitted in and out helping with kitchen duties as needy babies allowed.   By afternoon's end, we'd prepped ingredients for Cincinnati chili, baked both corn muffins and a chocolate cake that contained an entire pound of butter and bagged up worms, dirt and trucks for tiny party guests to take home.

Saturday didn't disappoint.  The birthday boy and his guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  

The cake was deemed a tremendous hit.  The last of the guests didn't leave until just before Davanni's delivered pizza and hoagies for dinner.  

Today, play time began in earnest, each new book and toy carefully inspected by Channing and played with in turn.  So far, the favorite seems to be the green goo given to him by Libby & Kendra.  We weren't brave enough to fill the bath tub with it.  Instead, the popcorn bowl became it's home.  

There was goo up to his armpits.  Buzz Lightyear, Woody and a blue dinosaur got sucked into the mire time and time again.  Channing was utterly delighted.  It's nearing bedtime as I type.  He's already asked if he can play with the goo before he goes to school in the morning.  I guarantee he'll ask to play with it 'for just two minutes...pretty please?' before he even sits down to breakfast.  

Four.  It's good to turn four.  With worms & dirt & trucks.  

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