December 20, 2012


After a harried, hurried morning-Channing going to preschool for PJ & A Movie Day and Kathy, Maxwell & I briefly hitting the local mall-we grabbed lunch from Noodles, Channing from the parent's pick-up lane and popped over to Maxine's for a quick visit.  She's recuperating from double knee replacement.  It's remarkable how well she's doing.  Atta girl, Maxine!!  

We dined on noodles with real silverware, something I wish I had noticed before shuffling dirty dishes from the nook to the kitchen sink, for life, when you take the time to really look, is full of exquisite diversions.  That's Maxine, an exquisite diversion.  

Kindred spirits, we are.  She's creative with a capital C.  She thrives on it the way I do.  It flows through her veins.  Every nook and cranny of her house is inspired.  Truly.  I dare you to pay her a visit and not get caught up in the wonder of it all.

It's a magic place for Channing.  In the middled of our post-lunch, adult conversation, he snuck off into the corner and began exploring the cabinet that houses EVERYTHING.  No joke.  You name it, it is likely in one of those little triangular drawers.  The favorite discovery this time?  A wind-up Godzilla.  A yellow one, no less.  

Rather than sit next to Kathy as Maxine shared photographs in a much treasured album, I held back, choosing instead to be the passive observer, to try to capture with my camera just a few of the details.  I half-listened while marveling at things like paperwhites growing on the coffee table and the tiniest bubble lights you've ever seen on an equally petite Christmas tree.  It was decked out in all sorts of vintage ornaments and screamed tiny but oh-so-grand in the very best of ways.  

We didn't stay long, little ones and this mama needing a nap, Kathy with a zillion pre-holiday projects to complete and Maxine awaiting the arrival of her sister, an afternoon of shopping on the agenda.  We left with full bellies and brimming hearts.  Happy.  

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