December 22, 2012

An Experience

Yes, quite an experience.  One that a small boy we all know and love built to epic proportions and that certainly lived up to his expectations.  We met Grandma Kathy, Aunt Kelly and cousins, Anderson & Charlie at the Mall of America for THE SANTA EXPERIENCE on Thursday morning.  

I had to laugh.  Channing was all brave & full of gusto, telling me, 'Mom, I'll hold Anderson's hand so he doesn't get scared.' as we drove to the mall.  However, Anderson was the first one to plop down on the floor next to a very welcoming and kindly Santa, while Channing hung back, a little unsure of himself.

They high fived and tickled and laughed their way through a nice long visit with the jolliest of elves, pausing to take posed pictures as cousins and as siblings.  Caught up in the excitement of it all, Channing nearly forgot to ask Santa for his Christmas wish.  As we walked out the door, he yelled over his shoulder, 'Hey Santa.  I forgot.  I want a helicopter for Christmas.  I'm on the Nice List.'

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