January 1, 2013


We counted down those final hours with a tradition started the year Channing was born-lobster dinner.  I'll happily cook it, but I won't eat it.  I leave that to WM and to whomever we convince to join us.  Usually, that doesn't take much.  Mention lobster and guests are practically beating down our door.

We were joined by Walt, Kath, Kris & Jan this year.  We had lobster and pad thai and fancied up jell-o.  The jell-o was a big hit.  Anything tastes better in a cute little jelly jar, right?

The food coma hit us all hard.  By 11 our company was gone, Channing was snuggled into bed, Max was asleep in his swing and I snuggled up next to WM on the couch.  I was perfectly content.  I looked at the clock.  11:49.  When I looked again, it was 1:22.  Oops. 

Since I missed it last night, perhaps you'll help me count it down.

Happy New Year!


The Flynn Family said...

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Leanne said...

LOVE your lettering on the chalkboard! Looks like so much fun!

Melissa said...

Must share your cute jello recipe! Love those little jars, too.